Some areas in which we excel

RUnners' clinic

Fusion Physical Therapy offers a Runners’ Clinic that is specifically designed to address the needs of those that choose to run.  We get it; created by runners, operated by runners, for runners, our approach follows the latest scientifically proven methods of improving performance and decreasing the risk of and/or managing injury.


Pre-exercise assessment

Does a nagging musculoskeletal issue or worry of re-injury make you hesitant to exercise to your fullest ability?  We can help you address your pain/soreness or movement difficulties before they become more serious and debilitating.  


personal flexibility assessment

We clarify all the conflicting information surrounding stretching and will teach you powerful and effective techniques tailored to your specific needs. Practicing this system will also allow you to more effectively prevent and manage pain and injury.  We are confident that you will feel and/or move better after just one session!